CHOCTAW COUNTY, Ala. (WTOK) – Efforts to spark more economic development in one part of West Alabama have received a boost. For the first time a commissioner from Choctaw County has been elected to serve as president for the Association of County Commissions for Alabama. Tony Cherry is hopeful that his new appointment will help attract more developments for the county.

“We have two buildings here on the north end and on the south end,” says Commissioner Cherry. “Hopefully, we can get some help on the state level as far as trying to recruit businesses to come here to our county.”

The chairman of the Choctaw County Commission is optimistic that his colleague’s appointment will help the county as a whole.

“He is the first commissioner from Choctaw County to be elected to that post,” says Probate Judge and commission chair, Michael Armistead. “Having him out there is going to bring attention to us from around the state and around the country.”

Armistead says one of the main challenges the county is facing in attracting businesses is right at their fingertips.

“We don’t have enough internet service in our area, and I think this is all over the rural areas,” says Armistead. “That’s one of the number one things that they’re looking for is to be able to have enough broadband to access the web on a quick and efficient basis so that the information they need is readily available. With Commissioner Cherry being president of the association, we hope that will put us on the forefront of that also.”

“Being at the right place at the right time and talking with the right people will be important,” says Cherry. “Hopefully we can talk with our state commerce director and with the help of our association delegation we can get some things done here in the county.”

Commissioner Cherry says several items that are topping the Alabama’s Association of County Commissions’ agenda include: health-care, education and infrastructure.

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