We take a look at the fast-evolving changes in Search Engine Optimization rules and algorithms by Google.

The ranking, visibility, and customizations are fast evolving changes of the SEO. To improve the SERPs, Google has tightened its rules for algorithms in SEO. To gain the maximum visibility and higher ranking, what strategic cards should be played in 2018? The answers are the techniques that are being discussed below in this article.


Local SEO will take the seat in front row:

The rise of local SEO is directly linked to the expanded use of mobile devices. Individuals are searching on their smartphones for purchasing, based on proximity local SEO works to detect you and indicate your business on local search results.

Being promptly discovered on local search results encompasses the optimization of many factors and if you do it correctly then search engines will show your business at the top.


Smart digital assistants and voice search prevalence:

According to Google, 20% of people have started using the voice search option for browsing. To facilitate the ease of this search method, Google’s Home, Amazon’s echo, Alexa and Apple’s Siri have been the popular purchases during the year 2017. This popularity will pave the way for more use of voice capable digital assistants. To be the champion in this space you need to use natural and long-tail keywords that can be easily spoken and captured by these voice searchers and digital assistants.


Google is still on the top but optimizes your ranking on other search engines too:


No doubt that Google is in the high position among other search engines, but Yahoo, Bing, and digital assistants are going on their own way. This year, to influence the wider audience and to be found in a bigger sphere, optimize your ranking on other search engines like Yahoo and others. Begin to actually think out of the Google box!


Customization is getting highly specific:

Personalization and customization are new stages Google is working to optimize. It is now making use of individual search histories, browser cookies and other personalized data to show more customized and targeted results on search engine result pages. With the introduction of advanced search options and speakers, more strategies are taken into account for better results.

Companies need to decide on different tools that provide them information regarding customer’s behaviour of searching. In 2018 such means should be discovered that rank your website high on search engines by keeping Google’s strategy in mind.


Increase interactions with videos:

The use of images and videos will continue to rise in 2018 for marketing and conveying business-relevant information. Videos are considered as the chief ingredient in advertising, promotions, and tutorials. Now with the arrival of a new dawn in Google’s algorithms, animations and videos will interact more than written content on websites as well as various platforms like social media.

Visual elements and images help to build trust with customers so think of strategies pertaining the video inclusion for SEO.


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