Next time you’re at the newsstand, look for the January issue of Shutter magazine. In it, you’ll find Hutchinson photographer Roman Bloemke’s photograph of Isabelle Gasser.

This is a big deal because Shutter Magazine is published by Sal Cincotta, a leading portrait photographer. The magazine focuses on showcasing insightful and in-depth educational content for professional wedding and portrait photographers. It bills itself as “one of the leading photography publications in the world.”

“I’ve worked with Isabelle Gasser several times over the years to create some stunning images,” Bloemke said. “… As an artist, we are always a bit critical of what we create, but this one stood out a bit. We worked together to create a glamour shot that we hoped would stand out. Against the black backdrop, it really worked. By the end of the hour, we had some really great stuff.”

Fast forward to a month ago, when Bloemke saw a post on social media from Shutter Magazine looking for glamour-style images.

“This image of Isabelle stuck in my mind of something that I was really proud of, so I submitted a couple of images for the magazine,” he said.

Bloemke summed up his reaction best in a Facebook posting, “Unreal. One of my portraits is being featured along side some amazing photographers in this month’s glamour issue. I’m still at a loss for words … For some, it may not be a big deal, but for me, this was huge.”

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