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Why should you as a small business owner be concerned about search engine optimization (SEO)?

Because as a business owner you want to attract a lot of traffic online to earn clicks, sell your product or services. You want to provide visitors with such a fantastic user experience that they recommend it to others for related services.

You also want to submit critical information such as keywords, sitemaps, titles, meta descriptions of your site to search engines like Google and Bing so that they prioritize your site for specific products/information/services during user search.

The job of a search engine is to take the information typed in by the user and locates the most relevant websites using those keywords and sitemaps. To put it simple, if you are not engaging in SEO, you are not on that first page of results – the user is looking for!

By investing in search engine marketing such as branding goodwill 24 hours, 7 days a week, you’re actually competing with other business owners who also sell same product or services online. If you’re on top in the search, you’re likely to earn more impressions , clicks , customers, which will increase your click through rate .

Let’s take a look at what a good SEO service can do for you while you take a snooze…

1. Optimal User Experience

SEO is ultimately about providing the user with the friendliest, fastest, best experience possible. A search engine wants to provide the user with what they are looking for, and the ultimate goal of SEO is to serve both parties satisfactorily. Yes, off course, a happy visitor will become a returning visitor.

2. Optimal Reach

People unconsciously trust search engine results. If Google places Dave’s Donuts in the top spot of a search, then it must have earned that place and it must be good. User then tells all his friends on Facebook and Twitter that he’s going to Dave’s and he invites them, leaving the link for them to click as well. The laws of multiplication can work pretty fast, and before you know it, a dozen hungry teens show up at Dave’s Donuts! Why? Because the search engine matched everything perfectly, and it all pointed to Dave’s.

3. Optimal Potential for Conversion

Internet marketing, including SEO, attracts people who are already looking for your product or service. You don’t have to scream, dance, or wear cool clothes to gain an audience; they are already convinced of their need which is why they went searching in the first place. No bold advert placed in front or center on the magazine page is required. You just have to present yourself in one of those top 5 results and – voila! They were looking for you and you showed up right on time! You still have to convince them that you are the better company to purchase from, but half the battle is over. Once they come to your website, if you have invested the same tedious work to optimize the user’s experience with you by providing the content they seek, then you are well on your way to gaining a new customer.

4. Optimal Exposure for Brand Awareness

As stated in point #2, people unconsciously trust search engine results. If Dave’s Donuts is #1, then Dave’s serves the best donuts. But most users do not just run over to Dave’s the next hour and buy a dozen donuts (unless they are local teenagers)! They do, however, file it somewhere or bookmark it. They go clicking around the world numerous times before making a final decision. If your website is employing top-notch SEO services, how often might that user come across your company name while conducting his search? What if your company came up 3 of the 5 times they searched for that desired product? Next thing you know, they have clicked through to your website.

5. Optimal Insight into Your Customers

If your website is properly optimized, it will increase your search engine visibility, usability, and credibility, all of which increase traffic to your site. Now that you are enjoying higher numbers of visitors, Google Analytics (which every website should have set up) can track valuable information about your visitors. Find out what browser they use, what key words, the technology they use, their geographical location, the days and times they are most active, how much time they spent on a page…so on and so forth. This information will help you discover your target market, hone your advertising, and determine strategies based on facts rather than just educated guesses. The better you know your customers, the better product or service you can provide, the higher the Return On Investment (ROI).

Search engine optimization is no longer an option for businesses that want to be competitive, grow, and see returns on investment. But it is only one piece of the puzzle. If your website does not contain viable content, then no matter how much money or time you spend on SEO, it is wasted. Content will always be king. But when used in conjunction with other important marketing tools, SEO will provide visibility, traffic, credibility, branding and help you gain valuable insight into customer behavior.


Pakistan- Why SEO Is Important For Small Businesses

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