Apple did not respond to inquiries about why the InfoWars app was featured in the news section of the App Store. It declined to comment Monday when BuzzFeed News asked the company why the InfoWars app was still allowed in the App Store after the podcast was banned.

Jones has not issued a formal statement on the InfoWars bans across various tech platforms, but has criticized the moves several times on his Twitter account and website this week.

The InfoWars app was also available in Google’s Play store for Android apps on Tuesday. A Google spokesperson declined to comment on InfoWars specifically, but did say the company only removes apps from its store if it violates policy.

Whether it intended to or not, Apple has positioned itself as the leader against InfoWars content across major platforms by moving first against Jones’ podcast. Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and other internet companies followed Apple’s lead Monday by removing Jones and Infowars pages and videos from their respective platforms. Each company cited violations of their respective hate speech policies and other community guidelines. Twitter was the only major social network that did not ban Infowars accounts.

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